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Wheelchair Ramps Columbia, SC

We carry a variety of wheelchair ramps to meet your unique needs for accessibility and mobility. Our selection includes light ramps, folding ramps, and modular ramps. They can be custom configured for easy access at your home. These quality ramps are available for short or long term rental periods or for purchase. When you choose a wheelchair ramp from 101 Mobility Columbia - our certified service technicians will arrive at your home to provide professional installation and superior customer service.

You can learn more about our ramping solutions and our Ramp Rental Program by reading below. Please contact our office in Columbia with any questions you may have about our ramp rentals or other ramping options.

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Wheelchair Ramps

wheelchair ramp rentals from 101 Mobility Columbia, SC

Ramp Rentals

If you are in need of a wheelchair ramp for a short period of time, then you are at the right place! We have a Ramp Rental Program that offers long or short term wheelchair ramp rentals. You can rent a ramp(s) for a day or as long as 6 months. If you are not sure about how long it will take you to recover from the surgery, then you can always ask a member of 101 Mobility Columbia team about rental details. Our rental program is very flexible and provides numerous benefits.

A wheelchair ramp rental from 101 Mobility of Columbia will come with a complete ramp service package including set up, take down, and clean-up of the ramp area. Our ramp rentals are great for both residential and commercial applications.

Be sure to learn more about our ramp rental programs by contacting 101 Mobility of Columbia today.  Schedule an evaluation today to see if you are a good candidate for ramp rentals!
modular wheelchair ramps

Modular Ramps

Our modular ramps are made from lightweight aluminum and are very durable and rugged. They can be installed easily and are custom configured to meet your home access needs. Our professional service technicians will have your ramp set up in just a few hours, which is a lot faster than taking the time to build a wooden ramp. Modular ramps can also be custom colored to match the exterior of your house. These ramps feature a non-skid surface for safety and can even be recycled after use.

Contact 101 Mobility of Columbia today to learn more about the benefits of using a modular wheelchair ramp at your home.  
folding wheelchair ramps - suitcase and trifold ramps

Folding Ramps

Trifold and Suitcase folding ramps allow you to navigate stairs, landings, and thresholds with ease. They are ideal for those who enjoy being on the road or being out and about.

  • Trifold Ramps can be folded separately into two pieces and then folded in half to make it easier to transport. This folding ramp can be used for crossing steps and landings, and comes in varied lengths from five to ten feet.

  • Suitcase Ramps can be separated in two and then be carried easily with the suitcase style handles. This folding ramp is sturdy and has a non-skid surface and reflective safety strips for extra safety. The suitcase ramp comes in different sizes from 2 to 6 feet long.

Please feel free to call 101 Mobility of Columbia, SC today to discuss folding ramp options.
light wheelchair ramps

Light Ramps

Light Ramps are designed for scooters, walkers, wheelchairs, and also for those who use canes or crutches. These ramps are 36” wide and come in lengths ranging from four to ten feet. Light Ramps provide safe and easy access across entry ways and thresholds, and come with a non-skid surface and optional handrails. These light ramps are easy to move around and can be repositioned for any location.

Give a member of the 101 Mobility Columbia team a call today to learn more about Light Ramps.

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